Why God Loves The Wretched

The proper attitude of a human being is total submission to God. “I am Your servant, tell me what to do.”

A person who becomes successful in life cannot help but become an a jerk. It’s happened to me. More than once. I’ve seen it happen to others.

Each time I got too big for my britches God knocked me and my gigantic ego down. Deflated the whole thing. An act of mercy. It gave me time to change my ways.

Thinking of one such time in particular, I experienced not just emotional pain but career setback. All the effort in the world wasn’t working. I was not succeeding anymore. I was scared, I cried all the time, and finally I begged God to help me.

In short, I was wretched, brought low. It was only then that I felt God drawing near to me.

The process of becoming a decent human being when you were once an arrogant jerk looks weird to other people. You don’t seem glamorous anymore. You talk funny, God God God. You start quoting Scripture. You’re looking for ways to become more observant of your faith even as you’re still doing things that aren’t consonant with it (example being partly observant of Sabbath and the Laws of eating kosher).

In short, your identity is “in between.” You don’t resonate with anyone and yet you “get” anyone who’s been down and who is in the lifetime process of traveling the road back to life. I say “life” because the way of ego is Satan, it is the adversary catching you in the snare, it is death. An illusion dressed up to look like a party and you’re the fool being used to lure in more patsies.

What we call the “cabal”—the globalists, the elite, the Deep State, the Satanists, the Luciferians, the Hivites, the Erev Rav, Amalek, and so on—is only a farce, in the end. When you knowingly or unknowingly copy their ways you only become distant from God; you basically kill yourself spiritually.

Nobody tells you this, however. The cabal after all is in power. They control the weapons and the headlines. This they do spend a lot of time trying to get you to notice and admire them. But just like in the Netflix show “3%,” which is about how the elite oppress humanity while creating the illusion of excellence and opportunity, their words are lies. They use every tool in their arsenal to brainwash you into thinking you want to be one of them. You are only free when you reject them utterly.

God loves the wretched. These are not just the people coming back from living a spiritually empty, self-centered life. It also includes the ones the cabal hates or has no use for anymore: the opponents against their “plan,” the independent thinkers, the the survivors of the experiments, the trafficked, the pursued, and so on.

The wretched are also the innocents, the ones who don’t understand what has been done to them or what the cabal has planned. They are the people falsely imprisoned. They are the traumatized, the mentally and physically disabled, the homeless. The abused.

God loves the wretched most of all. They are dear to Him for their utter lack of guile. They are beloved for their innocent generosity. That is how God is. Pure love. It is only our evil ways that cause him to have to correct us.

The wretched ones don’t want to talk about how great they are. The evil ones brag endlessly. Even and especially when they commit despicable crimes. They want you focused on them, precisely because they are not real, but your focus makes it so. (Remember the cabal is a messenger of God sent only to tempt you into sin, to make your choices meaningful.

God brings the high (arrogant) low and the low (humble) high. Its not about your religion. It’s about whether you act like a decent human being.

By Dr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.