Parshas Re’eh: The Three Kinds of Evil Groups In This World

1)Jews, organized crime, sex trafficking, South America, and patterns.
2) This is all research under the general heading of “what went wrong?”

We are working with 3 basic groups of people.

☑️ cults (bad is good)
☑️ organized criminals (they seek $ in service of self;& compensate with “philanthropy”)
☑️ just plain bad people (good is irrelevant)
3) This fits in neatly with this week’s Bible portion – it addresses all three themes.

Parashat Re’eh / פרשת ראה
Torah Portion: Deuteronomy 11:26 – 16:17
4) Theme 1 – cults – “You shall utterly destroy the places where the nations…served other gods….destroy their altars…burn down their sacred trees, cut down the images of their gods…obliterate their gods from that place.”

5) “do not follow the lead of the nations who once dwelled in your land. Do not inquire about their gods or how to serve them. For everything that is detested by God, everything God hates, have they done. For they burn even their sons and daughters in the fire for their gods.”
6) “Do not add or subtract from these commandments.”
7) “If there arises among you a prophet or receiver of dreams, and if he gives you a sign and that sign comes to pass, and if he then says, ‘Let us go after other gods and serve them,’ stop.”
8) “Then the receiver of dreams shall be put to death….Do not listen to anyone, family or friend, who urges you to follow other gods. Rather you, yourself, must bring him to death for leading you away from God.”
9) Theme 2 – organized crime – worship of money
10) “Every 7th year, you shall practice a release. Every kinsman creditor shall release from his hand his debt. The debtor may no longer claim payment….In the promised land, you shall open up your hand to the needy & lend him what is sufficient for his need, for what he lacks.”
11) “You shall free your Hebrew slave in the 7th year. Do not send him away to freedom empty handed, but provide for him out of your flock and your wine press, that which your God has blessed for you. Remember that you were once a slave in Egypt when God redeemed you.”
12) Theme 3 – just plain badness
13) The Jews are forbidden from random acts of cruelty: “You shall not boil a kid in its mother’s milk.”
14) Where did the Jeffrey Epstein organized scheme come from? What about the “little black book?”…
16) “The Zwi Migdal group was an organization that traded in women while its members wore tefillin (religious phylacteries)….Every business transaction was logged.”

18) The Epstein story and the Zwi (or Tzvi) Migdal story are similar in that they involve international trafficking of underage females as sex slaves.

They differ in that Epstein appears to have been after blackmail material and genetic experiments; Tzvi Migdal was for $.
20) Liberman worked as a prostitute until her debt was paid off – but then instead of freeing her, they made her go back into the business – at which time she finally had enough and risked going to the authorities.
22) “One night, Nahum Sorkin, a known Zionist, was standing outside the Jewish theater trying to stop from entering. Since then, the entire community started to condemn and denunciate the ruffians.”

23) The organized criminals were not native to South America. Rather, they were the scum of the community of Czarist Russia. Persecution led more than 2 million Jews to leave between about 1880 and 1920.…

25) “Most of the Jewish women and children who were kidnapped were taken from impoverished shtetls (small towns) and brought to Buenos Aires.”
26) Ruffiano, thug, pimp
27) “A very well-mannered and elegant-looking man would appear in a poor Jewish village in places such as Poland or Russia. He would advertise his search for young women to work in the homes of wealthy Jews in Argentina by posting an ad in the local synagogue.”
28) “Fearful of pogroms and often in desperate economic circumstances, the trusting parents would send their naïve daughters away with these men, hoping to give them a fresh start.”
29) “The girls, aged mostly 13 to 16, packed a small bag, bade their families farewell and boarded ships to Argentina, believing that they were on their way toward a better future. 

However, they soon learned the bitter truth.”
30) “Their period of training as sex slaves, which began on the ship, was cruel and brutal. The young virgins were “broken in” ~ raped, beaten, starved and locked in cages.”
32) “Jews were very prominent among women traders, both as dealers and as employers of prostitutes, particularly in Argentina, Brazil, Poland, and Galicia (Russia)” – Yehuda Rimerman, “Prostitution and the Deviant Girl”
33) “The Argentinean pimps created a total, most effective world, with predefined codewords, rules, and methods of operation.”
35) “These activities went on undisturbed because they were frequented by government officials, judges, and reporters. City officials, politicians, and police officers were paid off. The pimps had powerful connections everywhere.”
36) The prostitutes were hostages, not least because of their dependent children.
38) The New York Times, Oct. 22, 1932: “ARGENTINA FREES 134 IN WHITE SLAVE CASE; Court Holds Zwi Migdal Society Cannot Be Charged With Being Illicit Association.”

“Somehow” they always get away with it.

39) Zwi Migdal’s “is an embarrassment to all decent Jews. It involved loads of money, corrupt politicians, violent sex, international women trade, hard brutality, rape, and cheating, all lightly spiced with yiddishkeit and God-fearing traditions.”

40) One point should be corrected — under Jewish law human trafficking is a crime and slavery (which was common in Biblical times) was highly regulated.
41) Since our goal is to eliminate the cabal:

There is a curious pattern within which an “aid” movement to victims materializes, followed by “law,” while simultaneously organized criminals are allowed to continue operating, and used for various purposes.

So you have to decide.
42) For example, with the trafficking of young girls in Buenos Aires at the turn of the 20th century – the Jewish community did not want to be associated with it; the international Jewish community took action to study and end it.…
43) Remember the Mann Act? June 25, 1910: “Congress passes the Mann Act, also known as the White Slave Traffic Act.”…
45) “The outrage…began with a commission appointed in 1907 to investigate the problem of immigrant prostitutes. Allegedly, women were brought to America for the purpose of being forced into sexual slavery…immigrant men were allegedly luring American girls into prostitution.”
48) Too often, we look the other way at organized criminals because they present a front of philanthropy, or we are into their glamorous lifestyle, or we tell ourselves they’re reformed.
51) As Q has reminded us, organized crime produces people who do “wet work” (like MS-13), who are considered easily disposable.

Organized crime cash is used by people for aims they consider justified, when nobody else can help them.
52) As an example, while Jews were being marched into the gas chambers during the Holocaust, American Jews were largely doing…nothing, because Jews didn’t want trouble and the State Dept. lied.…
54) In fact, not only did the Jewish organized criminals help – but the non-Jewish mafia did so as well.
58) And this goes for everyone, obviously.

It doesn’t require the passage of a law.
59) Jewish survivor & activist Asher Lovy writes: “In the wake of the recent resurfaced allegations against alleged child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, much attention has been given to the people around him who for many years enabled his well-known sexual abuse of children.”
59) “Perhaps most notable among these enablers is Leslie Wexner, whose foundation has issued many scholarships to some of the Jewish community’s most influential up-and-coming leaders, and donated to many institutions across our community.”
60) “Wexner stands accused not only of being Epstein’s only public (and very wealthy) client despite almost undoubtedly knowing of Epstein’s horrific crimes, but also of allowing Epstein to sexually abuse women in his Ohio home.”
61) “This…is relevant to the general conversation about how the Jewish community in general will have to contend in the coming months with Wexner and his various philanthropic endeavors.”
62) Yom Kippur is coming.

Yom Kippur is coming.

Yom Kippur is coming soon.

Please let us wash ourselves free from these monsters…from all the hold they have on us…let them rot in the putrid fires of hell where they so badly belong.
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By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.