Looking Back, Looking Forward

1) So I was going through my photo collection.
2) It’s been a pretty weird year.

On the one hand – normal things. 

Like going to the Renaissance Festival.
3) On the other hand, writing threads about cannibalism.
4) October 18, 2018. I made this meme of Obama and Valerie Jarrett and the gang, and he is laughing and saying, “And then I said…’Just get one of those FISA warrants.”

I don’t think I ever heard the term “FISA warrant” in my life before last year.
5) I know important things are happening, and we should be talking about those things. But one of them is the massive attack on our psyche since the election.
6) It’s so strange; we had dinner with people we know well, people with whom I politically disagree very strongly.
7) We decided some months ago to make peace, but it was after bitter words were spoken, and the words flowed from my mouth, because I was so vehement in my attack on anyone who would attack our amazing President.
8) Not sure how many friends you lost over politics. I lost a lot.
9) Anyway, we’re talking about this and that and the other thing, and the conversation turns to child sex abuse in the Orthodox Jewish community (of course…it’s all over the place now, there is no avoiding this topic)
10) And someone says: “Do you really think all the activism is going to do any good?”
11) I say: “It will stop when we call it exactly what it is – child sex trafficking, by Orthodox Jews” – in just the same way that every other religion has to deal with it. 

The person nodded, and we started to talk about Dershowitz.

“The justice system applies to him too.”
13) There is no more pleading ignorance on the part of the community anymore.
14) The fundamental truth that has changed me, that has changed the minds of most people with a functional brain, is that the world we live in is organized in such a way that children are victimized first.
15) Abortion – is an attack on children.
16) Trafficking of fetal tissue – is an attack on children.
17) Child Protective Services
Foster Care
The Juvenile Justice System
Public Schools

…institutions that should be protecting children, instead functionally serve to pimp them out.
18) Domestic courts – favor wealthy and connected abusers.
19) Adoption of children from underprivileged/overseas/refugee homes – a fundamental power imbalance that leaves kids highly exploitable.
20) Teen-oriented clothing, music, entertainment, and of course “talent” and “fashion recruiters – this much is obvious, it’s a veneer for something a lot uglier
21) Mass refugee populations where the emphasis is disintermediating child from family, and child from home country and culture = the creation of prey
22) Lack of safe houses for runaways, tolerance of city areas where the desperate feed off the desperate
23) International sex trafficking operations that treat children as a cash crop, and females as breeders
24) Deep underground military bases doing God knows what
25) Unethical medical treatments and experiments that rely on young blood, young cerebrospinal fluid, etc.
26) Children used and used again as human smugglers rent them to illegals trying to get into the country
27) In every sphere of life, in every way you can imagine, children pay the price for the cruelty, greed, and even the ordinary failings of adults.
28) At another gathering, the parents were chatting
29) And their 2 year old stuck a choke toy in his mouth like it was fun.
30) The rest of us were petrified, and people murmured, “Come on, take the toy out of his mouth.”

There were half-hearted attempts to take the toy away, but the kid kept on what he was doing, laughing all the while like it was a big joke.
31) Where were the parents? Ignoring all this

Until finally someone stood up – well after the kid was in danger – and said: “Hey. Take the damn toy out of his mouth.”
32) I was scared. I think we were all scared. I went to get something else for him to hold.

It’s been a long time since the kids were that young.
33) At dinner, one thing that seemed pretty clear – again despite the enormous gulf in political beliefs, like we couldn’t even mention it – was the common realization that the children of our country and of our world are in big, big trouble.
34) None of us would be doing this…spending our time researching “false flags” and the “deep state” and the “cabal”…if there weren’t a real, palpable danger that grows ever more present by the day.
35) We should continue to do our research. But even as we do it, let’s never take our eye off the reason we came here in the first place.

It is ALL about protecting the little ones. 

The ones who cannot do things to protect themselves.
36) How do I know we’re making progress?

Aside from everything else…which you probably know already…for the first time here is Wikipedia explaining how to read a #QAnon post.


37) Fasten your seat belts.

This is going to be a disaster for sure…

A disaster FOR THEM.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.