The Players May Change But The Game Remains The Same

In this article, “Sorcha Faal” suggests that the Epstein operation has merely switched hands. [NSFW]

“The players may change but the game remains the same. “ – Working Girl

World’s most elite sex club hosts ‘ultra-VIP’ mansion orgy for masked celebsSnctm is hosting a mansion orgy this December. The Miami venue, known as the ‘world’s most elite sex club’, will be welcoming plenty of frisky celebrities who are looking to explore their fantasies this is true, it implies that Epstein, NXIVM, and SNCTM are all related, they’re all intelligence operations aimed at gathering blackmail material, and they can all be traced to the same source/s. More research needs to be done. See related articles.

Mossad, Epstein, Systematic Subversion, and a Rift in the QCommunity? #NewQ – SGT Reportfrom Neon Revolt: Q just don’t stop! And neither do Anons! Let’s get into it. (And some of these won’t require any additional commentary from me, so we’ll just keep moving along): Yeah, so for those … anyone who was offering this type of thing to clients should be investigated. For example Ed Buck might be added to the list.

Clintons sex problem: The Epstein, Buck, Weinstein NXIVM sex scandals – California Political ReviewThe #METOO movement exposed the sexual harassment n Hollywood and in the media (i.e. Matt Lauer).  All done by the Leftists, American haters and bigots.  These are the folks that stopped women from r…

Mossad, Epstein, Systematic Subversion, and a Rift in the QCommunity? #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLTQ just don’t stop! And neither do Anons! Let’s get into it. (And some of these won’t require any additional commentary from me, so we’ll just keep moving along): Yeah, so fo…

Russia, Israel and Saudi Arabia: Jeffrey Epstein ‘Found a Niche — Blackmailing American and Other Political Figures’ For Foreign Powers, According to His Ex-Spy HandlerShameless pedophile Jeffrey Epstein inherited his espionage business from ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, whose father British media magnate Robert Maxwell, was a super spy for Israel’s Mossad…

Jeffrey Epstein & Keith Raniere – Brothers From Different Mothers?Prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York (EDNY) recently bailed out their counterparts in the Northern District of New York (NDNY) by charging, prosecuting, and convicting Keith Alan Raniere… should be clear that we do not know the facts and that people have written about attending SNCTM events, which require pre-screening.

I Went to Snctm, a Secret Celebrity ​Sex Party That Costs Thousands of Dollars to AttendA lifetime membership costs $75,000. should also be clear that legitimate events (even if they are not to everyone’s moral liking) may be infiltrated by agents seeking to use them as blackmail material against attendees. We can’t assess these things on our own. But we can hypothesize that there are operations or moments or infiltrations or organizations both in the US and abroad that appear to serve one need but actually are exploited to serve intelligence agencies seeking material. Until I read Sorcha’s article I don’t think this really clicked in my mind.

But it also seems important not to automatically make assumptions. mentions mentions compile Now, this part is crucial as part of the overall hypothesis about how the Deep State works and perpetuates itself. Forget the individual names and focus on the pattern: They have to MANUFACTURE need. It’s just like in marketing. Do iPhones exist because people asked for them or because someone INVENTED A PRODUCT and then INVENTED A MARKET? The answer is that people could not have asked Apple for something they didn’t even know could exist. So the producer invents the product and invents, induces or addicts the consumer who craves it. That is what capitalism is all about. That is what branding is all about. When a market is saturated you either add capabilities to existing products or invent new products. Soft drinks (sodas) are not natural but they are addictive. An invented market. Nobody wants water after they drink Coca-Cola. Facebook (LifeLog) wasn’t natural, to document every milestone of your life, but it was invented and then the consumer was invented through dopamine reward – notifications of statuses being “liked.” Remote controlling your lights, tv, and garage isn’t a natural need but it’s a way to get the Internet (hackable/surveillable) further and further into your home. Just as the phone you’re so desperate to check is a surveillance device that also makes you less likely to seek and review information critically, in long form. On-campus university schooling is an invented market that runs up debt and keeps qualified young people out of the competitive marketplace. And I would argue that these intelligence agencies not only fulfill sexual need and then blackmail people over it. Rather they CREATE THE PRODUCT (young children) and then INDUCE THE NEED by portraying children in inappropriate ways through Hollywood. Add modeling, add talent shows. The reason for bad (unethical/corrupt) intelligence to be invested in mainstream media is not only to control what we think, but also to direct the limits of acceptable consumer behavior. That is why the media glorifies (routinely glorifies) SNCTM. Example – not just the above articles but also the association of wholesome seeming (“Goop”) stars like Gwyneth Paltrow with it.

Gwyneth Paltrow-approved sex club making its way from LA to NYCSnctm, which hosts monthly erotic parties in the City of Angels will be setting up shop in New York City and the Hamptons come September according to owner Damon Lawner. the followup question then becomes, to what extent are Hollywood stars and stars behind the scenes (producers and directors) wedded to intelligence agency-linked organizations (such as Black Cube)? How much do they do on their own, and how much are they directed to do? As pizzagate researcher David Seaman said in January 2017 (I believe), once you pull the sweater, the sweater unravels. This is not to demonize any country or intelligence agency but it is to ask the question of how far is too far?

When they tell you that “we have to do what we have to do to keep you safe,” have we really thought about where that ends? We are embedded in the very fabric of a society that they have dictated, without our full consciousness, for such a long time. Antonio Garcia Martinez and Elon Musk are trying to warn us in a parallel way about technology: Will we listen?

Ex Facebook exec warns robots will lead to society collapsingAntonio García Martinez, a former Facebook product manager, became terrified of tech and quit his job to live a recluse life with a bucket toilet and assault weapon in the woods. is why I say, instead of piling on a certain group as the locus of all that is wrong with the world, we need to accept responsibility for the world that we have unconsciously, subconsciously, or implicitly enabled together. 


By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.