When Does A Salute Become Satanic?

Here is a compilation of world leaders making a similar hand symbol.
What does this symbol look like to you?

Links to image sources:
antimatrix.org/Convert/Books/… assets.nydailynews.com/polopoly_fs/1.…
Illuminati – Coercion Code – "Dark Times are upon us"Posts about Illuminati written by lance goodall

Anton LaVey
Michelle Obama
Barack Obama
Bill Clinton
Hillary Clinton
George Bush
Laura Bush
Jenna Bush
Dick Cheney
Dan Quayle
Sarah Palin
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Francis
Cardinal Tagle
Yasser Arafat
Maria Shriver
Francois Sarkozy
King Abdullah

Alternate possibilities:
1. Random gesture
2. Hook em horns
3. Some other symbolic gesture

Here is another link to the one with the pope and Cardinal Tagle. They are both making the same exact gesture here.
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Perhaps they are making the American Sign Language informal gesture for "I love you."


"The person who invented…the hand sign system for the deaf, Helen Keller, was herself an occultist and Theosophist. Did Keller purposely design the deaf’s ‘I love you’ sign to be such a remarkable imitation of the classic sign of Satan?”’
Signs Of Satan – Member Of Satanism And Other unholy GroupHAND SIGNS PART 1: SIGNS Well known people showing off the hand signal which represents Satan. From the Satani…

"Was Keller saying, basically, ‘I love you, Devil?’"

"The ‘El Diablo’ [THE DEVIL] hand sign often is con-fused with the deaf hand signal of the phrase, ‘I love you.’"

Keller wrote a book about her religious beliefs. "She incorporated her own experiences with the teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg, a mystic born in 1688, and the Swedenborgian Church."

Swedenborg was a "theosophist"

The founder of theosophy was a satanist/luciferian.

The founder of theosophy was a Russian named Helen Blavatsky.
Putting two and two together, Helen Keller followed satan, and intermingled love with worship of the devil.


Now, perhaps you can say that these public figures used a gesture they did not understand.

You could also say that Helen Keller did not "invent" sign language – it existed before she used it, she didn’t really like it, and anyway, "there isn’t exactly one person we can credit as the inventor of sign language."

Who Invented Sign Language?Who invented sign language? The history of sign language is very interesting! If you are looking for the inventor of sign language, the answer might surprise you.

Helen Keller and Learning Sign LanguageHelen Keller was one of the most admired public figures of the 20th century. Despite losing her abilities to hear and see as a child, she overcame enormous odds by not only learning to communicate bu…

"However, she eagerly used sign language if it was the only means by which another deaf person could communicate with her."

Helen Keller and Learning Sign LanguageHelen Keller was one of the most admired public figures of the 20th century. Despite losing her abilities to hear and see as a child, she overcame enormous odds by not only learning to communicate bu…

Moreover, sign language clearly EVOLVED.
And Keller was passionate about her religious beliefs.
To the person with the belief, the belief is not evil.

Just for the sake of historical fact, "the history of sign language goes…back to the 5th century BC, as written of by Socrates….it was also mentioned in Bible times….The first notable pioneer, perhaps inventor…is Juan Pablo Bonet."

Who Invented Sign Language?Who invented sign language? The history of sign language is very interesting! If you are looking for the inventor of sign language, the answer might surprise you.

"Then, in France in the 18th century, along came Charles-Michel de l ‘Epee. He happened upon two young Deaf sisters who used a sign language to communicate. Charles-Michel de l ‘Epee, a religious man, then dedicated himself to the education and salvation of the Deaf."

"He opened the first free public school for the Deaf….created what is known as the Instructional Method Of Signs….published an official manual alphabet, based on the signs invented by Juan Pablo Monet."

"Many of the letters are markedly similar to the American sign language alphabet of today."

"two more men are important to note in the history of sign language. Laurent Clerc…and his friend Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet."

"In 1817 they founded the American School for the Deaf….Gallaudet’s son went on to found what would become the now famous Gallaudet University."

But meaning is not historical, it’s CURRENT & social.
1) Does the gesture mean something satanic NOW?
2) Does the person making the gesture INTEND to flash their obeisance to satan?
3) Does the person making the gesture think OTHERS would see it that way?

"People that are Christians now, but were Satanists, recognized President Clinton’s signal at his inauguration as a sign of Satan.
– Fritz Springmeier, Bloodlines of the Illuminati

"That seems fairly cut and dried, and it is. Clinton communicated what he wanted to the people to whom he wanted to communicate. The whole affair with him flashing the Satanic handsignal took only a couple of seconds."

Factchecking: That quote is all over the place, but I can’t find it in the book.
Bloodlines of the Illuminati – By Fritz Springmeier.pdfBloodlines of Illuminati by: Fritz Springmeier, 1995. Introduction: I am pleased & honored to present this book to those in the world who love the truth. This is a book for lovers of the Truth. This …

Here’s what he does say: "For instanced, did anyone catch what Bill Clinton
did when he faced the people and waved at the inauguration?"

Additional quotes: "On the 666th word of his inauguration speech, Clinton launched into a sentence on sacrifice, ‘it will not be easy; it will require sacrifice. But it can be done, and done fairly, not choosing sacrifice for Its own sake, but for our own sake.’"

"Clinton gave the hand signal of Satanists at the end of his speech. (See previous newsletters this year)"

"And Newsweek Magazine headlined its story ‘New Age President Takes Office.’ (Jan. 25, ’93)

"That Clinton would consider his Cabinet a coven is not so far fetched. Most of his cabinet tie in closely with the Illuminati."

"The Council on Foreign Relations is an upper level of the visible arm of the
Illuminati. The Jan. ‘93 newsletter explained that the CFR was the equivalent of the 4° of the Bavarian Illuminati."

"Note, that many of these people do not realize the full Satanic implications of
what they are in. If one reviews the various levels of the Bavarian Illuminati, you will realize that the process of corruption was gradual"

"wife Hillary is known to practice shamanism witchcraft."

" During the inauguration week witches…gathered at the White House for various celebrations, to perform, to hold rituals, and other events."

(Note: I have nothing against gay people and am a Zionist, and so deleted the part where Springmeier lumps them in with witches.)

This is LaVey demonstrating the hand sign, and exactly what the hand sign means, on TV in 1966. (I do not know which show.)

Breaking Down The Occult Meaning Of ‘El Diablo’ Or The Satanic Horns Hand Sign – TheStrangerFictionDeep analysis of satanic horns hand sign and how it is directly connected to ancient teachings of Freemasonry, Satanism and Illuminati.

Hipsters love Lavey. Vice, 2017:

"A new photobook showcases the many sides of Anton LaVey, including his knack for interior design. Sacrificial altars and pentagrams will add a surprisingly chic edge to any room."

at home with the high priest of satanA new photobook showcases the many sides of Anton LaVey, including his knack for interior design. Sacrificial altars and pentagrams will add a surprisingly chic edge to any room.

Here is a representative photo. Lavey in devil’s horn. Hand on child’s head. Child is sitting on some sort of structure (aloft). Pentagram with goat’s head. Hebrew letters.

"Even if you and I are willing to overlook the giving of this sign by many as not intentionally satanic, we cannot dismiss the evidence that many, if not most, who employ the sign are, in fact, thereby honoring Satan."

"The case here, later in this chapter, of the vampire satanists who stabbed a victim 66 times and drank his blood undeniably stamps the El Diablo hand sign given by the murderers as intensely satanic in nature."

Search – "manuela ruda satanist" – see visual.

"A woman who says she & her husband killed a German friend w/ 66 knife wounds on orders from the devil has claimed that she became a satanist in Britain….Manuela Ruda & her husband, Daniel, have admitted killing their friend, Frank Haagen, ‘for Satan.’"
Satanic killers tell of blood drinking ritesA WOMAN who says she and her husband killed a German friend with 66 knife wounds on orders from the devil has claimed that she became a satanist in Britain.

"A symbol veils or hides a secret, and it is that which veils mysterious forces. These energies when released can have a potent effect." – Foster Bailey, The Spirit of Freemasonry

Masonic Hand Signs Explained: Hand Signals of FreemasonryThe most common masonic hand signs are the "hidden hand" and the "devil’s horn". Many famous people, including Pope Francis, have flashed these hand signs.

More examples of celebrities flashing the hand sign. I pay more attention when it’s multiple times.
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But you say @POTUS made the gesture.
Not so.
How do we know?

Is Donald Trump in the Illuminati? The conspiracy theories surrounding the new US PresidentMany claim he is part of the global leadership group who aim to cultivate a New World Order (NWO)

The palm is facing inward.
What does it mean when you make a hand gesture with the palm facing inward?

Obama surely knows.

Reversing the peace sign so that the palm is facing inward is a way of reversing the meaning of the sign. Instead of "peace," it now means "fuck you."

When @POTUS made that hand symbol in a reversed way, he was essentially saying "fuck you" to the devil – to Satan.

People who conduct diplomatic affairs know that the subtleties of hand symbols mean something. Slate wrote an entire article interpreting the "palm in" gesture, e.g. was it intentional or a mistake and by who.

How to Flip Someone Off Like a BritThis post originally appeared on Strong Language, a sweary blog about swearing.

People who study illuminati stuff have debated whether @POTUS is in or out of the club, and what his intentions are. I think he’s shown pretty amply that he’s here to serve God and drive satan out of the White House.
Is Donald Trump in the Illuminati? The conspiracy theories surrounding the new US PresidentMany claim he is part of the global leadership group who aim to cultivate a New World Order (NWO)

mentions is clearly well versed in the language of symbols. I don’t know what this unique trinagle pin means, but it did make headlines back in 2017.

Trump’s inner circle is wearing this pin as ID to Secret ServiceMembers of Donald Trump’s inside circle have been sporting a triangular lapel pin – sending the internet in a flurry of speculation over what it means.

As far as using Tweets to send code, Obama said this to M. – "In every scene, you are my star."

Like the North Star they talk about frequently?

In this week’s Torah portion we learn about the Jews being enslaved to the occultist Egyptians. "The Hebrews were slaves to the Egyptians for 400 years….the same north star that the pharaoahs believed is where their body/spirit would be sent"


"By the time the historical Dynastic Period began in the 3rd millennium BCE, the 365-day period of the Egyptian calendar was already in use, and the observation of stars was important in determining the annual flooding of the Nile."

"The Egyptian pyramids were carefully aligned towards the pole star, and the temple of Amun-Re at Karnak was aligned on the rising of the midwinter Sun."

"Astronomy played a considerable part in fixing the dates of religious festivals and determining the hours of night, and temple astrologers were especially adept at watching the stars and observing the conjunctions and risings of the Sun, Moon, and planets"

For them, magick was science and vice versa.

"In Ptolemaic Egypt, the Egyptian tradition merged with Greek astronomy and Babylonian astronomy, with the city of Alexandria in Lower Egypt becoming the centre of scientific activity across the Hellenistic world."

When you serve satan, you are serving the earth. Not God. You are dominated by the earth and the laws of science. You pretend there is no God that created those laws.

"Roman Egypt produced the greatest astronomer of the era, Ptolemy (90–168 CE)"

"The death of a king had a strong connection to the stars for Ancient Egyptians. They believed once a king was deceased, their soul would rise to the heavens and become a star."

New world order
1000 points of light

"And in time we will all be stars."

"Hollywood star."

"The presence of stone circles at Nabta Playa in Upper Egypt dating from the 5th millennium BCE show the importance of astronomy to the religious life of ancient Egypt even in the prehistoric period."


In the trauma art of survivor Kim Noble, look how often the adults are encircling the child.

Kim Noble: The World of Mind Control Through the Eyes of an Artist with 13 Alter PersonasShareTweetEmailKim Noble is a rare occurrence: a trauma-based mind control survivor with over 13 alter personas who don’t know each other but who all paint. She has suffered DID and MPD (dissociative…

The Complete Gallery of Kim Noble’s Paintings About Ritual AbuseA complete gallery of Kim Noble’s paintings about ritual abuse and trauma-based mind control. Noble’s works provide a rare insight into the rituals, techniques, and symbolism used in mind control.

Remember that in Egypt, when it came to sex, anything went and "like in ancient Babylon, prostitution was seen as a divine and respectable act done for the gods"
10 Bizarre Sexual Facts From Ancient Egypt – ListverseWhen it comes to humanity, very little in life shows us who we really are as well as the way we express ourselves through sex. From sex habits to sex

"Although the average Egyptian could practice magic, the formal practitioners were the priests. The priesthood gave them access to magical texts and temple rituals which are off limits to others."

Ancient Egyptian Magic & RitualAncient Egyptian Magic and Ritual were part of everyday life as well as special occasions like ceremonies, birth, death, festivals and religious holidays.

"priests had to be in a state of purity before performing any magic or religious ritual. They would bathe and adorn fresh clothing, abstain from sex, and avoid contact with menstruating women."

"Human sacrifice is not generally connected with ancient Egypt….but there is some evidence that it may have been practiced in the Nile Valley during the 1st Dynasty and possibly also Predynastic Egypt."

"ancient Egypt" had "The ritual killing of human beings as part of the offerings presented to the gods on a regular basis, or on special occasions" and
"Retainer sacrifice, or the killing of domestic servants to bury them along with their master."

"Utterances 273 – 274 of the Pyramid Texts, known as the Cannibal Hymn, describe the pharaoh as a god who cannibalises the gods – ‘A god who lives on his fathers and feeds on his mothers … who lives on the being of every god, who eats their entrails"

"It is a blood-thirsty text of the power of the pharaoh, talking of death and killing and devouring of body parts. This seems to combine ritual cannibalism with sacrifices to the gods, but there is no direct evidence that cannibalism was normally practiced in ancient Egypt."

What we do know is that a number of ancient cultures did sacrifice humans as a form of worship.

And we also know this about satanism–

10 Ancient Cultures That Practiced Ritual Human SacrificeAlmost all of us would cringe at thought of sacrificing a person’s life for the purpose of appeasing the gods. Modern society associates the phrase “human sacrifice” with brutal, demonic, or satanic …

Aleister Crowley believed "to do what Christians call evil" and that "We shall not be punished for doing wrong, as they call it. Both here and hereafter our reward is sure.”
Aleister Crowley’s SatanismALEISTER CROWLEY’S SATANISM BY FRATER V.I.M. “ I was not content to believe in a personal Devil and serve him, in the o…

"Crowley’s magick… is based on the secrets & ceremonial rituals of an occult organization…to ritually invoke various God-forms…from the lowest gods to the highest…to reach the original primal God-head & achieve supreme enlightenment."

"Crowley had combined yoga breathing and concentration techniques with the sex act….In the act of sex they would combine the duality of male/female, dark/light, positive/negative…and achieve the trance of Oneness…the unity of the Cosmos."

"This ritual awakens the fire-snake or the Kundalini that is believed to lie dormant at the base of the spine. The Kundalini is the primordial power that lies behind all phenomena."

"This is what Crowley was doing, but instead of putting it in an Eastern mystical context he was bringing it to the west and utilizing our God-forms as well as the God’s from Ancient Egypt."

The all-seeing eye.


The point of this whole exercise is that symbols are not accidental. They indicate allegiance to a system of power. It is within that framework that we can understand what is truly going on. And why so much of the dialogue that passes for news is not at all what it seems.

"Walk Like An Egyptian" now has a totally different meaning.
It’s a command.


mentions compile


Thank you Michelle for clarifying: "The ASL sign for I love you is a combination of the three signs for ‘I’ ‘L’ & ‘Y’. The thumb and forefinger form the ‘L’. So if the thumb is not stretched out, it’s definitely not the sign for I love you."

Branding practitioners know that images are even more powerful than words. When do many influential people make the same well-known sign, it begs the question as to what they’re signaling.

The hand signal associated with devil worship is (perhaps intentionally) close to the ASL “I love you” sign — except it has the thumb in, not out. People sometimes say “oh, it’s a rock music symbol, like ‘rock on’” or “it’s the UT Austin hook-em horns.”

But in a system dominated by obeisance to Satan, that plausible deniability is really the point. The person flashing the symbol is sending a blatant message code, but can say it didn’t mean anything.

Do you make such a hand symbol? How about the thumb and forefinger over one eye? If you don’t do it, and people you know don’t do it, what does that tell you?

Another example.
The One-Eye Sign: Its Origins and Occult MeaningWhy are there so many pictures of celebrities hiding one eye? It is definitely not random. In fact, the One-Eye sign has a profound meaning and proves an important fact about the powers that be. This…

The idea is obviously not that all these people are going to satanic church on the side. Rather it is that they are participants in a system where obeisance must be made clear from time to time. They tell us blatantly—and if called out, can plausibly say it meant nothing.

Someone else pointed out that in the photo collage, Pope Francis and Cardinal Taglia have the thumb extended and are speaking to an audience of deaf people. However, this is precisely the point — the ambiguity we are purposely faced with.
Pope Francis and the Devil’s Horns – Humans Are FreeAfter having bumped into the images displaying Pope Francis making the "horns sign" on January 17 while visiting the Philippines, and having found myself both in shock and dismay, I decided to dive i…

“What seems most logical is that the masonic/satanic people behind this idea stole the concept from the already mentioned American sign language and gave it a slightly different spin.” /1

The girl is obviously not a Satanist.

“the evil behind the idea just as they can cover a wolf with sheep’s clothing. We do not mean to attack the little girl, for she is not, by any means, a Satanist.”

“Rather, it is those who have decided to use her for the purpose of ingraining such ridiculous concept in people’s minds.”

Why would Anton LaVey incorporate Hebrew letters into his symbolic activity (cultural appropriation from Judaism)? Because bad people are constantly co-opting other people’s good and holy selves and intentions to cover and serve their own dastardly aims.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.